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Mar 24, 2016 ... Another remembered for his bravado was Black Jack Ketchum, the only ... in the crowd and Sheriff J.W. Ward asked if they had any last words.

GC1KD22 "Black Jack" Ketchum (Traditional Cache) in New ... Thomas Edward Ketchum, known as Black Jack Ketchum (October 31, 1863–April 26, 1901), who was an ordinary cowboy and cattle driver and later turned to a life of crime. Black Jack Ketchum became one of the most famous outlaws in the region. He was captured when he Botched Executions: The Hanging of Thomas Ketchum - YouTube Thomas "Black Jack" Ketchum was a wanted outlaw in at least 2 states. he was finally captured in Clayton, New Mexico. 25 Strangest Last Meal Requests On Death Row 20 Shocking Last Words of

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Last Words Of: Tom "Black Jack" Ketchum, convicted murderer. Tom Ketchum was a thief, a murderer and worst of all a "morning person." It's why he had such tremendous verve despite his hanging being so early in the day. No executioner should be subjected to racket like this before their coffee has kicked in. Black Jack Ketchum: The Jilted Outlaw - Annals of Crime A moment before the trap door was flung wide, Black Jack Ketchum's last words roared out from beneath the darkly sinister shroud: "Let her rip!" The executioner pulled the lever, the trap door shot backward and Ketchum plummeted to his death. The outlaw's last words were gruesomely prophetic. The story of Tom ‘Black Jack’ Ketchum | Knuckledraggin My Life...

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Talk:Tom Ketchum - Wikipedia Ketchum Contents Decapitation More information about how and why he was decapitated by hanging would be interesting, and probably make it a more informative article. There's actually an extant picture of his decapitated body lying under the gallows with a As ... Folsom Village ~ Folsom, NM ~ Black Jack Ketchum Black Jack Ketchum was a notorious New Mexico bandit. Many other criminals also took on the moniker "Black Jack", so it is difficult to know exactly which bad deeds should be attributed to Mr. Ketchum. Regardless, enough evildoings can be accurately pinned ... “BLACK JACK KETCHUM #1” (Comic Book Review) | FANGORIA® An odd but compelling read, BLACK JACK KETCHUM presents a supernatural mystery in the last wild place of the American frontier; a place where anything can happen and it does. While if BLACK JACK KETCHUM remains to be seen as the next major horror ...

Black Jack Ketchum bears the dubious distinction of being the only man sentenced to die in New Mexico for “felonious assault upon a railway train.” Apparently his botched execution set the residents of Union County back a mite, because Black Jack also was the only man ever hanged in Union County.

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